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The two-character ISO 3166 country code for SAUDI ARABIA.
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1. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is the code used in international transactions to and from Saudi bank accounts.

2. ISO 3166-2 geocode for Saudi Arabia. This is used as an international standard for shipping to Saudi Arabia. Each Saudi province has its own code with the prefix "SA." For example, the code for the Province of Riyadh is ISO 3166-2:SA-01.

3. An abbreviation for a number of corporate structures, including Sociedad Anonima (Spanish) and Societe Anonyme (French).
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Kawan's use of the word "brown" is a reference to the brown shirts worn by the Nazi storm troopers (Sturmabteilung, or SA).
Which Nazi troops were given the name Sturmabteilung?
(4) The SA (Sturmabteilung) were a Nazi paramilitary organization founded in 1920.
This book shows how the previous political and military experiences of the top leadership of the Sturmabteilung (SA) played a vital role in the success of Nazism during the years prior to Hitler's appointment as chancellor in 1933.
Koch, forming Sturmabteilung (Storm Detachment) Koch.
Often touted as a Hitler opponent, the "Lion of Muenster" was an ardent nationalist who detested democracy and allowed uniformed Schulzstaffel (S.S.) and Sturmabteilung (S.A.) members into his consecration procession.
A BRIEF entry in one of millions of documents stored at the Austrian State Archives has revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger's father was a volunteer member of the Sturmabteilung, or SA - the notorious Nazi storm troopers also known as brown shirts.
The actual event, organized and enforced by the Sturmabteilung, (37) was far from universally successful.
During this purge, Hitler rid himself of Ernst Roehm, the controversial and confrontational SA (Sturmabteilung -- storm troopers) leader who had helped catapult him to power by establishing and training this organization.
Once known as the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party), the Nazi party was brought to power by the street-brawling brown-shirted stormtroopers of the SA (Sturmabteilung).
(In this context, of course, we should not forget that even Stange, once a member of the Sturmabteilung, was graced, after some years of a forced break, with a professorship at the University of Gottingen in 1953,(104) to say nothing of "ordinary" party members at other places.)