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A dwelling unit within a larger structure. An apartment has a kitchen, bathroom, and a place to sleep, and some have much more room and include many luxuries. While one may buy an apartment, they are generally rented out to tenants.

apartment (building)

A building with multiple residential tenants.
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It is not raining but Daniel and Isabel are in Michael's studio flat anyway.
Rowntree burgled a ground-floor studio flat in Stockton while its occupant was out at a party.
In addition there is a self-contained studio flat with its own kitchen and bathroom.
It was lucky 13 for one couple on the hunt for a new home when Graham Bodle and Lee Grant snapped up a studio flat at a development which has just won its 13th award for design.
I renewed my contract in March 2009 with a 5 per cent increase and I am paying now a yearly rental of Dh75,000 for a studio flat which is located in Mushrif outside the city," says Ayaz Jalbani, a local resident.
The new plan involves building an extension at the back of the building and dividing a maisonette into two flats each with six bedrooms, and creating a small studio flat.
Vilamoura pounds 62,220 STUDIO flat transformed into a one-bed property with bathroom, lounge and kitchenette.
The police rushed to the studio flat located on the first floor.
Anon RE the bedroom tax, is it right to assume that anyone living in a bedsit or studio flat is entitled to a rebate as they don't have a bedroom?
Paul moved out of the family's 13th century mansion in Wingham, Kent, into a studio flat.
Whether the winner lives in a studio flat or a country mansion, the South Wales Echo will pay EVERY SINGLE PENNY of their bill.