Structured finance

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Structured finance

Often refers to a group within an investment bank that deals with mortgage-backed securities (MBS), commercial mortgage backed securities, and collateralized debt obligations,and real estate.

Structured Finance

The provision of a complex financing arrangement. This service is offered to a client with financing needs are more difficult to structure than an ordinary loan or bond. Examples of structured financing arrangements include mortgage-backed securities, syndicated loans, collateralized debt obligations.
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Jan was the driving force behind the development of our structured transaction channel and, with her expertise and guidance, it has become an increasingly important contributor to our U.
The players in a structured transaction are Merrill Lynch, the client and, often, trusts and special-purpose corporations.
The bond issue is a prepay gas structured transaction that allows the project participants to secure a predetermined gas supply for 20 years and lock-in gas costs at a discount to the regional market index price.
The Bank's 'F-1' commercial paper, 'A' capital notes, 'A-' preferred stock and 'A/F-1' structured transaction ratings have been on FitchAlert positive since March 29, 1995 due to the pending merger between Union Bank and BanCal Tri-State Corp.
NEW YORK, March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Bank of Tokyo's 'A+/F-1+' structured transaction rating is placed on FitchAlert with positive implications.
The $110 million loan represents the first phase of a $365 million structured transaction.
As vice president of Corporate Development, Tumminello will be in charge of managing AGL Resources' corporate investment, acquisition and structured transaction functions as well as managing the company's investment in SouthStar Energy Services, a Georgia-based joint venture between AGL Resources and Piedmont Natural Gas.
The seven-partner practice will focus on structured transactions involving real estate and related assets and draw upon the resources of specialists in the Firm's real estate, corporate, tax and bankruptcy groups.
Any transaction occurring in conjunction with a redemption will certainly be scrutinized; however, the conferees dearly left the door open for properly structured transactions to result in deductions rather than capitalized costs, when it can be established that a fair price is being paid for the stock and for the other contractual agreement.
Wood will report to Ken Foster, Executive Vice President, Structured Transactions and Business Development in carrying out her responsibilities.
Our reputation as a reliable deal closer coupled with our proven ability to negotiate private, highly structured transactions enabled us to acquire this well-located Class A property on attractive economic terms.

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