structured note

Structured note

A derivative investment that will change in value with movements of an underlying index; or a note whose issuer makes swap arrangements to alter its required cash flows.

Structured Note

A debt security attached to a derivative of any sort. The derivative may be an option on stock in the company issuing the note or a security that tracks some index. A structured note aims to gives both the holder and the issuer a great deal of flexibility; for this reason they are usually very complex. As a result they are marketed to investors thought to be "sophisticated."

structured note

A medium-term derivative debt security that has one or more special features such as an interest payment based on an equity index, a foreign exchange index, or a benchmark interest rate. Issuers of structured notes often hedge these securities with their own transactions in the derivatives market. Structured notes tend to be complex and are aimed primarily at sophisticated investors.
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According to Danske Bank, these notes are issued under its EUR5,000,000,000 structured note programme dated 20 June 2017.
Citi has reaffirmed its position as an industry leader with its recent win as LatAm Structured Products House of the Year during the 11th annual mtn-i Americas Structured Note Showcase and Awards Gala in Miami, the company said.
He said the bank's clients' "positive" reaction towards the Ijarah aviation structured note testifies the market appetite for the risk return profile of the note.
Our clients' positive reaction towards the Ijarahh Aviation Structured Note testifies of the market appetite for the risk return profile of the note.
Summary: Using the Structured Note Methodology to Rate CDO Combo-Notes
A capital-protected gold note that matured last year produced a total return of 15 per cent, while the structured note that invested in oil produced a total return of 18 per cent last year.
In order to create a structured note, a bank issuer combines a zero-coupon bond with financial derivatives, such as put and call options or futures contracts and swap agreements.
For example, interest payments on a structured note may be based on two or more factors, such as one or more interest rates and the market price of certain equity securities.
For example, you can buy a structured note to get into a foreign or international market without hiring a consultant, a global custodian or an expensive investment manager.
The notes are issued under Danske Bank's EUR5bn Structured Note Programme dated June 20, 2017.
The company said these notes are issued under Danske Bank's EUR5,000,000,000 structured note programme dated 20 June 2017.
A structured note is a type of hybrid security combining several financial products, like stock or bond plus a derivative.

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