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Structured note

A derivative investment that will change in value with movements of an underlying index; or a note whose issuer makes swap arrangements to alter its required cash flows.
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Structured Note

A debt security attached to a derivative of any sort. The derivative may be an option on stock in the company issuing the note or a security that tracks some index. A structured note aims to gives both the holder and the issuer a great deal of flexibility; for this reason they are usually very complex. As a result they are marketed to investors thought to be "sophisticated."
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structured note

A medium-term derivative debt security that has one or more special features such as an interest payment based on an equity index, a foreign exchange index, or a benchmark interest rate. Issuers of structured notes often hedge these securities with their own transactions in the derivatives market. Structured notes tend to be complex and are aimed primarily at sophisticated investors.
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NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-November 22, 2018-Danske Bank announces issue of EUR857,000 structured notes linked to Euro Stoxx Banks Price EUR
In this role, he was responsible for investment solutions tailored for the Private Client segment; including, Structured Notes, OTC Derivatives, Foreign Exchange, Equity Option Overlay, Exchange Funds, Securities Lending, and Social Impact Investments.
Further commenting on the success of the note, Ayman Zaidan, QFB's Head of Treasury and Investment Management, said, "The demand for Ijarah structured notes in many sectors, such Real Estate, Aviation, Equipment and other income generating assets, has seen a stable increase due to growing appetite for yield at the current low profit rate environment in many of the world's developed economies.
Notable first actions, Cerensey noted, include the case against UBS AG brought earlier this month for structured notes violations.
ADIB's structured notes have been well received by investors.
ADIB's structured notes have been well-received by investors.
ADIB's structured notes have been well received by investors, particularly the three capital-protected gold notes.
The acquired business will complement TRPS, enhancing its pricing abilities for structured notes, interest-rate, equity, credit, commodities and FX derivatives as well as hybrid products,A the buyerA said.
NEW RESEARCH BY Incapital shows that structured notes, particularly non-principal protected notes, will likely surpass structured certificates of deposit in terms of growth in 2013.
In recent years, at least partially in response to increasing market volatility, structured notes have become more popular with investors and their advisors.
Bankers point out that risk-hedging instruments, such as forex forward, are demanded mainly by enterprises, while structured notes are meant to meet the wealth-management need of enterprises or major investors.

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