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The ISO 4217 currency code for the Saudi Arabian Riyal.
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ISO 4217 code for the Saudi Arabian riyal. It became the official currency of the Kingdom at its establishment in 1932; it is the successor currency to the Hejaz riyal. Between 1986 and 2003, the riyal was pegged to Special Drawing Rights, but in practice, this was effectively a peg to the U.S. dollar. The peg was officially changed to the dollar in 2003 and has been in effect since (with the exception of a brief period toward the end of 2007). It is issued by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.
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Thus, from our point of view, the investigation of structure-activity relationships of UII system represents the keystone that could address the unsolved question regarding the putative role of U-II in several disorders and physiological effects.
It affirms that artificial neural networks results were the best to build the quantitative structure-activity relationship models.
Structure-activity relationship indicated that the C-6 substituent in [C.sub.18] lignans as well as the corresponding C-5 substituent (same relative position but different carbon numbering) in [C.sub.19] homolignans could be significant for bioactivity.
The constructed 3D QSAR models and structure-activity relationship (SAR) analyses of the compounds used in the study suggested that an electronegative and bulky substituent at R position and one less bulky substituent at X, R position of thiophenyl analogs are required to design novel SGLT2 inhibitors.
Liu, Chemical Library and Structure-Activity Relationships of 11-demethyl-12-oxo Calanolide A Analogues as Anti-HIV-1 Agents.
Structure-activity relationship analysis gave clues about how other chemical may reduce MMP.
The urease inhibitory effects of these compounds have been investigated for the first time as well as their molecular docking studies have also been carried out to check the structure-activity relationship. The [IC.sub.50] values of these compounds could not be found due to paucity of the samples.
The alignment of compounds is an essential step in determining the structure-activity relationship because the maximized overlap of pharmacophoric features responsible for producing a biological response greatly increases the correlation between structure and activity.
Romanian biochemists present new approaches to quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) studies--special computing trace of algebraic structure-activity relationships (SPECTRAL-SAR)--and its use in determining the toxicity of a chemical compound.
Structure-activity relationship studies of nine quinic acid derivatives isolated from CPP in Hepa 1-6 cells suggested that mono- or di-caffeoyl quinic acids (CQA) are active substances in the beneficial effects of CPP.

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