Structural Adjustment Loan Facility

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Structural Adjustment Loan Facility (SAL)

World Bank program established in 1980 to enhance a country's long-term economic growth through financing projects.

Structural Adjustment Loan Facility

Loans made by the World Bank and/or IMF to developing countries to finance projects, such as infrastructure, that will promote economic growth in the long term. They are often accompanied by requirements that the borrower make changes to its economic or monetary policies in order to better facilitate growth. For example, a structural adjustment loan may include a stipulation that the borrowing country relax any protectionist subsidies or tariffs.
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Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF) a three-year programme (1997-2000) sanctioned for $935 million, Pakistan could draw under this facility only $310 million before it was suspended in October 1997.
The enhanced structural adjustment facility (ESAF) was set up in December 1987 to provide financing on the same concessional terms as the SAF but allowing for a higher access in percent of quota and a fourth-year arrangement in some circumstances.
They place hope in the IMF's newly stated commitment to address poverty in its lending practices, and hope that the renaming of the Economic Structural Adjustment Facility -- now the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility -- will signal more than just a name change.
The steep depreciation of the Kenya shilling after the IMF's annulment of Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF) at the end of July serves as a lesson that emerging market currencies are vulnerable to both downside economic and political pressures.
In addition to the credit tranches available under the stand-by agreements, the IMF introduced new credit facilities, such as the Extended Financing Facility (EFF) introduced in 1974 and the Structural Adjustment Facility (SAF) established in 1986.
The European Commission has decided to grant Turkey a new structural adjustment facility of Euro 75 million, under the MEDA aid facility.
Extended Fund Facility (EFF), Structural Adjustment Facility (SAF) and Enhanced Structural Adjustment facility (ESAF) have raised a big hue and cry and strong criticism in many countries of the developing world, because of destabilizing social and political implications.
In June 1994 the IMF approved an additional loan under its Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF) of SDR29.
The structural adjustment facility (SAF) was created by the IMF in 1986 with resources of SDRs 2.
The Structural Adjustment Facility provides direct budget support which must be disbursed in two 'tranches' upon prior fulfilment of the above mentioned objectives.
G-8 countries have reportedly okayed the release of third tranche of hold up soft credit line of $226 million out of the already approved Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF) of 1.
The signing of the agreement for funding the structural adjustment facility is a sign of confidence in the tax reform and economic management process put in place by the Finance Minister, Georges Corm", said Chris Patten.

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