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The knight, in order to follow so laudable an example, laid aside his helmet, his corslet, and the greater part of his armour, and showed to the hermit a head thick-curled with yellow hair, high features, blue eyes, remarkably bright and sparkling, a mouth well formed, having an upper lip clothed with mustachoes darker than his hair, and bearing altogether the look of a bold, daring, and enterprising man, with which his strong form well corresponded.
However, a major threat looms in the form of South African-trained Baroot, who goes well on the Meydan dirt and his strong form to boot.
The trio will face stiff competition from Andreas Wellinger who will take his strong form into the final.
Conclusion Boasts strong form credentials on that Chepstow run and she should prove hard to beat.
Arcanada is 12lb higher than when fourth at Royal Ascot in June and his subsequent York second doesn't look strong form.
Qazi Tabiah Mueen, a fine art student of Kashmir University, said that art was a strong form of an expression that one could use to give vent to his/ her emotions.
Smoking in films can be a strong form of promotion for tobacco products.
The Czech contender has shown strong form at the Dutch circuit in the past and is eager to race the new Yamaha for the first time.
That record led England to recall him once some strong form domestically and for the second-string England Lions side suggested he had overcome his anxiety problems.
In the female race Sonja Ellmann started the season in strong form finishing in 2nd position in a superb time of 18.
While Waldrom is not expected to feature against Australia, his inclusion among the 34 players called up to England's Pennyhill Park training camp is reward for the strong form shown for secondplaced Exeter.
Having battled back from a long-term injury, Barritt is now in strong form for his club, and looks likely to partner Bath's Kyle Eastmond in midfield.