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JUNIOR doctors will walk out for three days next month if their strike vote succeeds.
This unflinching support from the Teamsters on the eve of our strike vote is exactly what UPS needs to see -- we all stand together in support of a new pilot contract.
The union held a consultative ballot, which showed overwhelming support for an official strike vote.
The IPA will announce the result of its UPS strike vote on October 23.
A strike vote is a procedural move in advance of the expiration of the four-year contract on September 14 between the UAW and FCA, General Motors and Ford.
I SEE that our new Conservative Government is to bring in new legislation this month that makes strikes illegal unless they have a strike vote that is at least 40% of all workers entitled to vote.
The union had announced plans to start a strike vote next week after the failure of five months of negotiations.
After that strike vote, the union's National Freight industry Negotiating Committee held a conference call Wednesday and voted to accept the company's proposal.
com)-- Over 1100 Union Meat, Seafood, and Deli Workers at Stop & Stop stores throughout the five boroughs of New York City, as well as Long Island, are set to hold a strike vote on Friday after growing tired of the company's excuses for not agreeing to a fair contract.
of Flight Attendants (AFA), announced they will take a strike vote to back up their demands for a single contract in the US Airways/America West merger.
Downing Street said the strike vote was "disappointing, unnecessary and potentially damaging".
In a strike vote, which was concluded on 17 October 2011, 98.