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"New road signs with unique street names have been set up in Al Falah area, Al Bahia area, Mariah Island and the old Al Nahyan camp area.
If we go back to the original Intramuros street names, then Andres Soriano will revert to Aduana, the centuries-old street where the former customs house was located.
However, she added: "We do think there are ways to strengthen the draft policy to ensure Welsh is visible on every single current street name.
It suggests location and house size are a bigger factor in how much we're willing to pay for a home than whether it has an embarrassing street name. It also contradicts the idea that having a rudely named street puts buyers off and potentially lowers house prices.
If the street name of the Chinese embassy in Washington DC was renamed, it has been suggested that the Chinese might retaliate and come up with a 'Snowden Street' or 'Osama bin Laden Street'.
And when allocating new street names the council strives to use historical names with a connection to the area in which the new development is located, believing these names satisfy that criteria.
So all proposals for new street names and property numbers, or changes to existing ones must be sent to the council for checking and approval before use.
Of the 301 street names selected by the Umm al-Fahm municipality, the Israeli Interior Ministry has stalled the approval of 60.
With less than a week to go before Halloween, we take a look at some of the spookiest street names in Britain.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A total of 3,030 people have signed a petition that has been delivered to the E[currency]iE-li Municipality in ystanbul on Monday morning demanding that it change street names with Turkish nationalist connotations in the district's KurtuluE- neighborhood.
While the city's 32 main thoroughfares have been marked out on overhead signs with unique names and route numbers, work is under way to select 6,600 unique street names for internal roads and secondary streets, officials explained.