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"This bipartisan law is a long-overdue step to do more to prevent gun violence, to make sure guns don't fall into the wrong hands, to make sure that we license gun shops just like restaurant and other businesses, and deter straw purchases, so that we can prevent someone from buying a gun for someone who is not legally allowed to own a gun," Gov.
Explains Gottlieb, "We'll look at whether internet sites are being used to make straw purchases with the intent for redistribution to minors.
Lee said that it was fortunate that both of Sun's parents had already returned to Taiwan because they could be facing both state and federal charges for enabling straw purchases. As Taiwan and the U.S.
Criminal organizations acquire weapons, primarily high-caliber firearms, via so-called straw purchases in the US, whereby US citizens who have passed background checks make the purchases on behalf of the drug dealers, usually at gun shows in states with lax laws (SourceMex, April 1, 2009, March 20, 2013, and June 18, 2014).
It suggests that basic measures to deter straw purchases, illegal gun transfers, or interstate trafficking could make a real difference.
Most of those people know they are prohibited, so they get their guns through illegal means--theft, straw purchases, or from the same guy who sells them their drugs.
The sessions, led by NSSF's FFL Compliance Consultants, provides opportunities for retailers and range owners to learn about ATF regulations, Form 4473 error-proofing, avoiding straw purchases and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).
are not observable using trace data: straw purchases, undocumented
Straw purchases are illegal under two provisions of the GCA.
Even if Congress were to adopt a universal background check, this wouldn't prevent straw purchases because you have no way of knowing if the purchaser is going to resell the gun."
Senators on Tuesday also voted to criminalize "straw purchases" of guns and to let students keep firearms in their cars on college campuses.