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Miller was a felon and could not pass a background check, so Reidle allegedly carried out a so-called "straw purchase."
Criminals steal guns, smuggle guns, straw purchase guns, trade what's already out there, etc.
The parents of Taiwanese terror suspect An Tso "Edward" Sun were advised on a Facebook post by writer Lee Wen that they could face up to seven years in a Pennsylvania jail or 10 years in federal prison for in effect making a straw purchase of a gun and ammunition for Sun.
(And it saves having to explain the difference between a gift and a straw purchase, too, since it's the ultimate user who will end up filling out the 4473.) Make it available in an array of price ranges, and advertise, "Give the Gift of Peace of Mind" during such gift-giving seasons as Valentine's Day and the year-end holidays.
"Collins, the man who purchased the gun, got a two-year sentence after pleading guilty to making a straw purchase for an underage buyer."
If McGuire thinks a customer is trying to make a straw purchase - that is, trying to buy a gun for someone else, which is illegal - he will refuse the sale.
A "straw purchase" occurs when an individual poses as the
Price Dawe 2006 Insurance Trust Insurance Company, the court has affirmed the common law ability of a legally insured person or insurable trust to sell a policy on that person's life for market value --provided that procurement of the policy is not part of a straw purchase pursuant to a prior agreement to resell to an investor, and that the procurement is not part of an illegal wager in which a third party directly or indirectly pays the premiums.
However, since February 2008 under Project Gunrunner, operations "Fast and Furious," "Too Hot to Handle," "Wide Receiver," and others (lampooned under the label "Operation Gunwalker") have resulted in the opposite, as ATF was permitting and facilitating "straw purchase" firearm sales to gun traffickers.
This volume on gun control regulation and legislation features three chapters, the first chapter consisting of a report from Mayors Against Illegal Guns investigating the straw purchase method criminals use to get guns and presents findings showing how some licensed gun dealers sell handguns to illegal traffickers through these purchases.
* A supervillain might make a straw purchase, pap a celebrity, surf the darknet, or become a testosteronic knuckle-dragger.