strategic business unit

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strategic business unit (SBU)

a division of a multi-product firm which represents a discrete area of business. Each SBU is responsible for a group of interrelated products serving a core MARKET; for example, within Unilever margarines and fats re-present one SBU while soap powders and detergents represent another. SBUs generally operate autonomously within the firm with their own chief executive, production and marketing staff etc., but are usually subject to overall control by the firm's main board of directors in such matters as capital investment.

SBUs are an attempt to decentralize responsibility for profit generation. It is believed that this will increase motivation and improve individual performance, thereby improving overall organizational performance and the achievement of strategic goals. See PRODUCT-BASED STRUCTURE.

strategic business unit (SBU)

a fully or semi-autonomous division of a diversified firm (see DIVERSIFICATION) or MULTINATIONAL COMPANY that operates in a particular market or business area with its own management team.
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Sami Al Osaimi, general manager, Global HDPE Business Unit, Sabic Polymers Strategic Business Unit, said "Sabic's HDPE range offers exceptional value and is superior in many ways to similar imported products.
"It is also a strategic business unit of Saudi Arabia Airlines, the national carrier with experience of more than 65 years," he said.
He started his career as strategic business unit director for beverages at RJR Nabisco.
In turn, the deal offers OpcionDos additional growth opportunities as part of the Solar strategic business unit of AEG Power Solutions.
In addition to his responsibility for the Body Care strategic business unit and the Latin America and Central & Eastern Europe regions, he has also been responsible for the strategic steering of the North American Henkel Cosmetics business since 2006.
The group's speciality polymer sales in Asia accounted for over 25% of total sales in the first half of 2010, said Augusto di Donfrancesco, managing director of the strategic business unit Speciality Polymers.
The UV acrylates business, which had been part of Cognis' Functional Products strategic business unit, manufactures and sells monomers and oligomers for UV applications marketed under the Photomer brand name.
The UV acrylates business is part of Cognis' Functional Products strategic business unit. The sale is expected to be formally completed by June 2010.
ThermoSafe Brands, a Strategic Business Unit of Tegrant Corp., has introduced a new line of insulated shipping systems for the healthcare industry.
* Keith MacGregor, executive vice president of the Academic & Government Strategic Business Unit in the Healthcare and Science business of Thomson Reuters
<p>"With this acquisition, Solvay gains a privileged access to the very dynamic Egyptian market," said Chistine Tahon, managing director of Solvay's strategic business unit soda ash and related products.
Liberty Mutual Agency Markets, a strategic business unit of Liberty Mutual Group, has announced the following appointments.

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