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Guaranteed a specific price on the customer's working order while the dealer tries to obtain a better one. Stopped against one's self involves a customer order and a firm's own account, not two customers. One can cancel an order even after being stopped by another party.
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1. An order to a broker to buy or sell a security at the best available price once a certain, stated price is reached. Suppose that price is $50. A stop order remains inactive until that security begins trading at $50, at which point the broker may fill the order at best price he/she is able to find. See also: Stop-limit order, Stop-loss order.

2. An order by the SEC to stop a new issue from taking place because of an omission or inaccuracy on its filing statement. See also: Deficiency letter.
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A spokesman for West Mercia Police said it was unable to confirm Statewatch's figures, but admitted it had identified the fact that more black people than white tended to be stopped by its officers and it was now carrying out research into the reasons why.
I'd been stopped before and would always tell them I'd sue, and they'd always laugh and yell back, |Good luck: You'll need a lot of money'"
Another man, Joe, told of being pulled over in Kansas City by an officer who drew his gun, handcuffed him, searched his car, checked his license, then let him go with "no ticket, no nothing." Asked why he thought the officer had stopped him, Joe said, "I don't know why, beside driving a nice vehicle, a nice car in the wrong neighborhood." Joe, too, experienced much the same thing a second time, when an officer pulled him over and checked his license for outstanding warrants (he had none).
The statistics also show North Wales Police breath tested one in 23 people living in the area in 2010, with Dyfed Powys not far behind with the equivalent of one in 24 being stopped. In comparison, just one in 46 people were breath tested in South Wales, though the force is better at stopping drink-drivers, with 9% of tests positive or refused compared to 5% in Dyfed Powys.
"I also raised the fact that children as young as six are being stopped and searched." Three of the four Welsh forces answered detailed questions, with only Dyfed-Powys failing to provide statistics.
They also showed that black people were still six times more likely to be stopped by police than white people and Asian people.
In the same period 9,335 white people were stopped, a Merseyside Police Authority report shows.
Many anecdotal accounts are based only on the perception of the individuals who were stopped and who may or may not be aware of other factors that officers considered in determining that they had reasonable suspicion to stop these individuals.
Mr Cake said: "There has been some criticism of the police force nationally in terms of stop and search and the number of people from the minority community who are stopped.
Lukin, and their colleagues at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge also stopped light dead.
Across England and Wales police stopped and searched 1,050,700 people - up 20 per cent on the year before - on suspicion of possessing drugs, stolen property, firearms, weapons or tools for a burglary.
When they gave the man shock treatment I knew his heart must have stopped. The electrical shock jerked his body two inches off the ground.