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Guaranteed a specific price on the customer's working order while the dealer tries to obtain a better one. Stopped against one's self involves a customer order and a firm's own account, not two customers. One can cancel an order even after being stopped by another party.


1. An order to a broker to buy or sell a security at the best available price once a certain, stated price is reached. Suppose that price is $50. A stop order remains inactive until that security begins trading at $50, at which point the broker may fill the order at best price he/she is able to find. See also: Stop-limit order, Stop-loss order.

2. An order by the SEC to stop a new issue from taking place because of an omission or inaccuracy on its filing statement. See also: Deficiency letter.
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6 : to close or block up or become closed or blocked up : plug <I stopped my ears with cotton.
The good news, though, is that the study found just one-third of women who stopped using hormone therapy--either abruptly or gradually--experienced severe symptoms.
One must simply imitate Odysseus and sail past them; not, however, with his hands bound (for that would be cowardly) nor with his ears stopped with wax, but with ears open and body free, and in a spirit of genuine contempt.
Racial Bias in Motor Vehicle Searches: Theory and Evidence," a 1999 study by University of Pennsylvania professors John Knowles, Nicola Persico, and Petra Todd, shows that despite the fact that blacks were stopped three-and-a-half times more than whites, they were as likely to be carrying drugs.
When they gave the man shock treatment I knew his heart must have stopped.
A jovial man with a stocky build, Murillo is wearing a Bowie High baseball cap and school sweatshirt, much like what he was wearing the day he was stopped.
Many anecdotal accounts are based only on the perception of the individuals who were stopped and who may or may not be aware of other factors that officers considered in determining that they had reasonable suspicion to stop these individuals.
When the bus stopped at a Border Patrol checkpoint, a Border Patrol agent boarded the bus to check the passengers' immigration status.