stop price

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Stop Price

The price at which a stop order becomes a market order. A stop order is an order to buy or sell a security at the best available price after a certain, stated price is reached. The stated price is called the stop price. See also: Limit price.

stop price

The price specified in a stop order at which the stop order becomes a market order. A stop price at which to buy is entered above the current market price and a stop price at which to sell is entered below the current market price.

Stop price.

When you give an order to buy or sell a stock or other security once it has reached a certain price, the price you name is known as the stop price.

When you ask your broker to buy, your stop price is higher than the current market price. When you're selling, the stop price is lower than the current price.

In either case, once the stop price has been reached, your broker will execute the order even if a flurry of trading drives the stock's price up or down quickly. That might mean you end up paying more than the stop price if you're buying or get less than the stop price if you're selling.

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This has helped to stop prices increasing by above 30%.
To stop prices from falling, they could cut back their output in response to new US production, much as they have tried to in the past.
The current fuel costs and political uncertainty in the Middle East and North Africa means that the Government must bite the bullet and act to stop prices from fuelling inflation and driving people off the roads.
There is a mafia that monopolizes the [milk] market, and constantly works to stop prices from rising," said Trebel's milk producer co-op chief Fidaa Sassine.
During the crisis, many exchanges banned 'short selling' (selling shares you do not own in order to buy them back cheaper when it's time to settle the deal) and installed 'circuit breakers' to stop trading and stop prices changing too fast.
He added that nearly 3,000 containers of foodstuffs and medicines, which he claimed would help stop prices increasing further, were stuck at Dammam port.
2 million barrels a day to stop prices falling further.
But the renewed interest failed to stop prices from sliding further during January, while sales levels also slumped to a new record low.
It is clear that the organization has taken this decision without having obtained a compass that would indicate what such a drop in production will lead to, and whether it will be sufficient to stop prices from deteriorating.
In the meantime, in their frenzy to stop prices from falling and "stabilize" the economy, the New Dealers promoted a state of "equilibrium" as the ideal.
Over the last decade, OPEC has stepped in four times with large production cuts to stop prices from falling - in the second half of 1986, in 2001, in 2003 and in 2006.
GORDON Brown has reacted with fury to a threat by oil-rich states to slash production in a ploy to stop prices falling.