stockholder of record

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Stockholder of record

Stockholder whose name is registered on the books of a corporation and thus will receive dividends from the corporation.

Stockholder of Record

The person or company whose name is listed on a stock certificate. The stockholder of record is the legally recognized owner of the share in the publicly-traded company represented on the stock certificate. He/she/it is recognized as the stockholder of record as of the record date, that is, the date the share was bought.

stockholder of record

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8125 per share representing the dividend payment due February 15, 2007, was declared on the outstanding Series D Preferred Stock, payable February 15, 2007, to stockholders of record at the close of business on February 5, 2007.
If the outstanding litigation is resolved under the terms of the global settlement outlined above, Triton would make a final cash distribution to the Stockholders of Record as soon as the class action lawsuits are finally settled.
Triton intends to continue to keep its Stockholders of Record informed of further developments through direct communications with such stockholders and/or press releases issued as material developments occur.
In addition, the rights have not been registered or qualified for offer or sale to stockholders of record in any jurisdiction outside the United States.
Stockholders of record should be in receipt of the letter of transmittal before surrendering their shares.
A dividend will be payable on July 14, 2006 to stockholders of record on June 30, 2006; the ex-dividend date with respect to such dividend will be June 28, 2006.
First graph of release should read xxx stockholders of record as of the close of business on June 2, 2006.
15) per share on the company's common stock payable June 22, 2006, to stockholders of record at the close of business on June 1, 2006.
A proxy statement detailing the proposals to be voted on will be mailed on or about May 26, 2006 to Actuant stockholders of record as of May 15, 2006.