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The Petrohawk and KCS stockholder meetings will be held at the Hotel Derek in Houston, Texas, with KCS's meeting beginning at 10:00 a.
Juniper Networks and NetScreen stockholders of record as of the close of business on March 10, 2004 will be entitled to vote at their company's special stockholder meetings.
This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the federal securities laws including, without limitation, statements regarding the merger transaction and the timing of the stockholder meetings and closing of the transaction.
The new provisions require stockholders to deliver written notice of proposed business and director nominations to the Company not less than 60 and not more than 90 days before stockholder meetings.
The companies anticipate that the merger will close immediately following the stockholder meetings.
Dan River and Bibb expect to adjourn their stockholders' meetings, presently scheduled to be held on September 28, until the week of October 11 and to close the transaction promptly after the stockholder meetings.
Stockholder meetings for both companies are currently expected to be held in late June, and the parties indicated that the joint proxy statements to be used in conjunction with the stockholders meetings for the proposed merger are expected to be mailed to stockholders in mid-May.
NASDAQ:BROD) and The Learning Company (NASDAQ:LRNG) today announced that they have each established a record date of Monday, November 13, 1995 for their respective stockholder meetings to vote on the proposed strategic merger between their two companies.
This announcement supersedes the previously announced record date of November 7, 1995 for The Learning Company stockholder meeting and September 15, 1995 for the Broderbund stockholder meeting.
IMA") (Nasdaq National Stock Market: INSMA) jointly announced that they have scheduled their respective stockholder meetings in order to vote upon matters related to the proposed merger (the "Merger") of IMA with an ITI subsidiary, as a result of which IMA will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITI.
The record date set for the ITI stockholder meeting is August 30, 1995.