watered stock

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Watered stock

A stock representing ownership in a corporation that is worth less than the actual invested capital, resulting in problems of low liquidity, inadequate return on investment, and low market value.

Watered Stock

An overvalued stock. A stock may be overvalued for any number of reasons; speculation and over-issue are only two of the most common. Watered stocks are often subject to a price correction.

watered stock

Stock that is issued with a value considerably in excess of the value of the assets that support it. The term may be derived from the practice of feeding cattle salt to induce them to drink large amounts of water just before they are sold, thereby increasing their weight. Thus, the buyer—whether of stock or of livestock—pays for more than is actually received.
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The float valve itself is an ordinary stock watering tank float valve which has been modified for this purpose.
Bull moose" candidate Theodore Roosevelt built his campaign around Americans' disgust with widespread corporate chicanery, accounting fraud and stock watering.
In addition, it would allow water to be used for municipal, domestic, industrial, agricultural, commercial, truck washing, stock watering, recreation, fish and wildlife, fire protection and other beneficial uses including augmentation, substitution and exchange.
Importantly he noted that "the latest samples taken by DERM did not detect the presence of mercury and identified that the levels of heavy metals such as iron and aluminum and hydrocarbons including benzene and toluene did not exceed stock watering standards (ANZECC Guidelines).
The cash boost will help 22 farmers and landowners along the river cut sedimentation by using fencing along rivers and gutters and improving or relocating existing stock watering points.