stock record

Stock record

The accounting a brokerage firm keeps of all securities held in inventory.

Stock Record

A computer system allowing brokerages to keep accurate records of the securities in which they hold ownership. This is particularly important given the complexities of many transactions and the fact that brokerages hold legal ownership on behalf of clients most of the time. See also: Street name.

stock record

An account of the securities being held by a brokerage firm.
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There are generally three components to good stock record keeping: the stock ledger, the stock certificate and the authorizations necessary for the issuance
A letter will be mailed to those shareholders who, according to the Company's stock record books, owned less than 750 shares of the Company's common stock at the Effective Time and, as a result, will thereafter own Preferred Stock.
It is fair to say that we've seen stock record accuracy move from the low 80 percent to about 95 percent in six months.
The Company is in the process of retaining special legal counsel to conduct an investigation of the maintenance of the Company's stock record book and share register and will notify appropriate regulatory authorities of the situation.
This tutorial covers the entries made in the general ledger to record securities and cash movements and how the stock record is to be maintained.
The reverse and forward stock splits have occurred automatically, and the Company's stock record books now reflect these transactions.
The reverse and forward stock splits will occur automatically on the effective dates, and the Company's stock record books will reflect these transactions at that time.
The reverse and forward stock splits have occurred automatically and the Company's stock record books now reflect these transactions.
Thereafter, ImmuLogic's stockholders will own a beneficial interest in the liquidating trust equal to the percentage ownership of their ImmuLogic's Common Stock at the time the stock record books closed.
RECON Securities streamlines end-of-day processes such as stock record, general ledger and trading system as well as external sources such as custodians, the DTC or the Federal Reserve.
Since then, their Capital Markets division converted their institutional and OTC market making equity business onto Phase3, allowing them to consolidate their books and records onto one back office system and satisfy the NYSE's single stock record requirement.
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