stock ahead

Stock ahead

When two or more orders for a stock at a certain price arrive about the same time, and the exchange's priority rules take effect. NYSE rules stipulate that the bid made first should be executed first, or, if two bids come in at once, the bid for the larger number of shares receives priority. The bid that is not executed is then turned to the broker, who informs the customer that the trade was not completed because there was "stock ahead.".

Stock Ahead

Informal; a situation where an order is not executed because another order takes precedence over it. For example, when two orders are placed, and the first order is made at a better price, the second order is not executed because there was "stock ahead."

stock ahead

Used to describe limit orders that have been placed earlier and that take precedence over subsequent orders at the same price. An investor may find that a limit order has not been executed even though the specified price has been reached because orders with the same limit have been placed earlier than his or hers. Limit orders at a specific price are executed in the sequence in which they are received.
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The victory raised NU's stock ahead of the UAAP Season 79 volleyball tournament, where La Salle and Ateneo have figured in the finals in the last five years.
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8p - after Citi trimmed its target price on the stock ahead of the British Gas owner's annual results later this week.
It's a very quiet day investors were taking stock ahead of the vacation period," Saleem Khokhar, head of equities at NBAD's asset management group said.
MANAMA: Bahrain's traders are stepping up efforts to build a commodity buffer stock ahead of Ramadan.
1 May 2013 - Xstrata Plc (LON:XTA) said today that the High Court of Justice of England and Wales had confirmed the reduction of its capital stock ahead of the completion of its takeover by Swiss commodities trader Glencore International Plc (LON:GLEN) on 2 May.
We recommend to use possible growth in Kazanorgsintez stock ahead of dividend payments as suitable opportunity to take profit.
The brewer also said beer volumes in France grew last year as retailers built up stock ahead of the hike in excise duty from January 1.
FROM BACK PAGE with QPR finally deciding they need a new man to take stock ahead of the January transfer window.
It leaves Mark Hughes effectively a dead man walking at Old Trafford with QPR finally deciding they want a new man before December so he can take stock ahead of the January transfer window.
The private market has heated up as shareholders look to sell some stock ahead of an enforced lockup period, while buyers are banking that the shares will pop when Facebook goes public, expected in about May.