stock record

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Stock record

The accounting a brokerage firm keeps of all securities held in inventory.

Stock Record

A computer system allowing brokerages to keep accurate records of the securities in which they hold ownership. This is particularly important given the complexities of many transactions and the fact that brokerages hold legal ownership on behalf of clients most of the time. See also: Street name.

stock record

An account of the securities being held by a brokerage firm.
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GAC staff have been trained in the operation and maintenance of the RB machine, and the GACWare Warehouse Management System has been incorporated into the supply chain to ensure transparency, accurate stock records and inventory control.
GAC's in-house warehouse management system (WMS), GACWare, has also been incorporated into the base's operations to ensure full supply chain transparency, accurate stock records, and control inventory.
The impact on the depot was substantial as staff checked stock records and scenes of crime officers worked for six hours to find evidence.
They are specially made to serve the pharmacy industry with accurate sales report, stock records and invoices.
This year there are over 550 special limited vinyl records and CDs exclusively released on the day and we will be stocking around 50% as have chosen to stock records by artists that we would normally have in store.
Prior to the release of the iPhone 6, Apple has been breaking its stock records and it appears it will not slow down despite months after its flagship hype.
all of which issues are found when stock records are maintained internally in excel format.
Most importantly, the new operations model has helped us to achieve a high level of accuracy in stock records and has significantly improved on-time deliveries to customers since it began in 2011.
Mainstream chains such as HMV now plan to stock records for the first time in 20 years.
Now mainstream chains are bringing them back to meet growing demand, with 30 HMVs across the country planning to stock records for the first time in 20 years.
This previously entailed keeping highly detailed, time-consuming manual stock records.
The commission also urged the ministry to conduct precise stock verification in warehouses in governorates adding that some officials were tampering with stock records.