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Stock certificate

A document representing the number of shares of a corporation owned by a shareholder.
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Stock Certificate

A physical document that gives the person or company listed a portion of ownership in a publicly-traded company. Stock certificates often contain a great deal of information, such as the owner's name, a right attached to the ownership (such as a warrant), or something else entirely. Stock certificates are vitally important as one may use them in court to prove a fact alleged.
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stock certificate

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Stock certificate.

A stock certificate is a paper document that represents ownership shares in a corporation.

In the past, when you bought stock, you got a certificate that listed your name as owner, and showed the number of shares and other relevant information. When you sold the stock, you endorsed the certificate and sent it to your broker.

Stock certificates have been phased out, however, and replaced by electronic records. That means you don't have to safeguard the certificates, and can sell shares by giving an order over the phone or online.

The chief objection that's been raised to the new system is largely nostalgic and aesthetic, since the certificates, with their finely engraved borders and images, are distinctive and often beautiful.

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All that the latter had were stock certificates endorsed in their favor by the original stockholders and entries in the company's STB indicating that a certain number of shares were listed in their names.
said Tuesday that it will stop issuing the paper stock certificates to shareholders on Oct.
A good stock ledger contains the following information about each stock certificate:
carrying a sport bag containing 36 million yen in cash and stock certificates worth 2 million yen when he was violently shoved from the back, according to the police.
One of her pursuits in this regard was the collecting of old mining stock certificates, a collection which grew to more than 3,000 items.
Much of the New Economy feeds on phantom wealth, created at no cost to companies by printing more stock certificates. This is much like counterfeiting, and it is beyond the reach of the Federal Reserve System that is supposed to control the money supply.
HAL: This has a parallel, of course, in the entire "dot-com" phenomenon, where the only thing that some companies are able to sell at a profit is their stock certificates.
Start pumping up the buzz among your friends and neighbors or, better yet, send me your checks and money orders now, and I'll send you, by return mail, some, um, stock certificates, I think is the phrase.
University sources said the official went missing in July 1991, shortly after the university, based in Daito in Osaka Prefecture, discovered he had allegedly used stock certificates possessed by the university as collateral for his own stock dealings for several years.
Stanhome stock certificates will continue to be recognized by both, according to the company.
* Locate necessary documents, including wills, trust instruments, life insurance policies, stock certificates, etc.
IZEA Worldwide's current stockholders will not need to exchange their current stock certificates as the stock certificates reflecting the company's prior corporate name will continue to be valid.