Stochastic modeling

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Stochastic Modeling

Any of several methods for measuring the probability of distribution of a random variable. That is, a stochastic model measures the likelihood that a variable will equal any of a universe of amounts. It is used in technical analysis to predict market movements. Insurance companies also use stochastic modeling to estimate their assets and liabilities because, due to the nature of the insurance business, these are not known quantities.

Stochastic modeling.

Stochastic modeling is a statistical process that uses probability and random variables to predict a range of probable investment performances.

The mathematical principles behind stochastic modeling are complex, so it's not something you can do on your own.

But based on information you provide about your age, investments, and risk tolerance, financial analysts may use stochastic modeling to help you evaluate the probability that your current investment portfolio will allow you to meet your financial goals.

Appropriately enough, the term stochastic comes from the Greek word meaning "skillful in aiming."

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