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Fold sharp edges under and use double-sided sticky tape for a neat finish.
Customer service Post Office style 2012; you can't even hold it together with sticky tape.
Patricia Scott of Talwrn shop (until recently also a post office) who threw carrots and sticky tape to thwart a knife-wielding raider in February
The die can also be visually inspected on the inverted collet or after placement in pocket or sticky tape. Final output inspection verifies die presence, accuracy of placement and backside inspection for marks and product ID.
Catch them with sticky tape Lure them in with a food source and place some tape as close as possible with the sticky side up.
Patterned masking or washi tape makes a great border or a fun alternative to normal sticky tape. Use double-sided sticky tape to make your gifts look professional and polished.
Use sticky tape to fasten your design to a window and see the colours shine Gosh How on a sunny day, just like beautiful stained glass.
Not just a cute face, Mayhem (with a little parental help) recreates red carpet looks from crepe paper, glitter and sticky tape then models them.
By Fiona Duffy Your essentials Sharp scissors, sticky tape, double-sided sticky tape, ribbon, wrapping materials, embellishments, (ribbon, strips of paper, raffia, buttons, broken jewellery).
YOU WILL NEED: A large sheet of gold card Glue stick Yellow, red and orange tissue or crepe paper Brown paper or card Twigs Sticky tape INSTRUCTIONS: CUT a bonfire shape from card.
But if you have half an hour, in true Blue Peter style you can turn some pieces of cardboard and sticky tape into a show-stopping Easter bonnet.
It's about sticky tape - you have to see it," she explained.