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Step up

To increase, as in step up the tax basis of an asset.

Step Up

1. Informal; to increase. For example, one's income may increase until one "steps up" into a higher marginal tax rate.

2. In convertible securities, a scheduled increase in the conversion price. Step-ups also apply to warrants and options. For example, if a shareholder owns convertible preferred stock at a conversion price of $10 per share, a step-up may involve an increase in the conversion price to $12 per share. The terms under which the security is sold outline the amount of the step-up and when it takes place. Because step-ups are contrary to the interest of buyers, there is little demand for securities with step-ups, and, as a result, they are a relatively rare feature of convertible securities.
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Employers and employees stand to gain from the StepUP initiative.
StepUP is a partnership between the Australian Government, National Australia Bank and Good Shepherd Microfinance aimed at helping Australians on low incomes who lack access to affordable credit and are at risk of financial and social exclusion.
After spending more than six months out of work, Gareth Winter, 21, of Washington, was delighted when he landed a job as warehouseman at PP Training in Jarrow after getting in touch with StepUp.
"Ashley is a great addition to our board and brings a wealth of experience from previous board roles and her work with the Junior League of Raleigh," says Steve Swayne, Executive Director of StepUP Ministry.
OPEC and its partners decided to extend its production cuts till the end of 2018 in Vienna on November 30, as the oil cartel and its allies stepup their attempt to end a three-year supply glut that has savaged crude prices and the global energy industry.
Many developers hold their properties long tenn and rarely if ever sell property holdings; even though basis stepup discussions are therefore de rigueur, it is not necessarily the primary planning objective for some large real estate developers.
The event also saw the participation of six special needs centres - StepUp Academy, Tender Hearts Arena, Rashid Centre, Dubai EnSENble, Sedra Foundation and Mawaheb - along with a number of individuals from different schools and activity groups.
Alba had launched the Phase III of its company-wide, cost reduction programme Project Titan with an aim to reduce cash-cost by $60 per metric tonne of aluminium and stepup its production capacity to 1,000,000 metric tonnes per annum by end of 2018.
"This is another stepup in quality for us and we have to be ready for that.
Jack Baldwin also appears to have taken well to a stepup in intensity.
Nawaz is getting a bit of beating here with Afghanistan trying to stepup the run rate.
"We scored some good tries, played some good stuff, our set-piece was good and our defence was pretty good as well, so it was a good stepup from last week.