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But we must stem the tide of malice, and pour into the wounded bosoms of each other the balm of sisterly consolation."
As some wooded mountain-spur that stretches across a plain will turn water and check the flow even of a great river, nor is there any stream strong enough to break through it--even so did the two Ajaxes face the Trojans and stem the tide of their fighting though they kept pouring on towards them and foremost among them all was Aeneas son of Anchises with valiant Hector.
'We must make deliberate efforts to stem the tide of suicide that is rising in our society.
A plastic bag ban comes into force in Tanzania on Saturday, as Africa leads efforts to stem the tide of plastic blighting the farthest reaches of the globe, and depths of the ocean.
We can all help stem the tide of waste blighting the environment - as part of the Daily Mirror's War on Waste crusade - and that can work out better for your pocket too.
The president gets a little less than a billion and a half dollars for something he can call a wall -- and perhaps he'll supplement that with some other political sleight of hand -- but it has been well documented that this will do little to stem the tide of illegal immigration and almost nothing to stem the tide of drug smuggling and human trafficking.
NAB should realise that if it wants to protect the sanctity of the national flag, its own Kiki Challenge is to perform duties according to its mandate and stem the tide of corruption.
The adviser to PM on Finance said, 'This will hopefully increase in double digits my exports and my foreign remittances and also stem the tide of imports or slow down imports and I think that should be more than enough for now.'
The pair blocked and tackled and closed down relentlessly as they tried to stem the tide of a fluid frontline.
Unlike Corbyn's Labour Party, the SNP are attempting to stem the tide of Tory austerity.
We are making progress to confront this public health crisis, and it will continue to take everyone working together to stem the tide of the opioid epidemic in Indiana and across the country.
Summary: In the spring, Google launched the Patent Purchase Promotion in an attempt to stem the tide of the so-called patent troll problem.