tax rate

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Tax rate

The percentage of tax paid for different levels of income.
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Tax Rate

A percentage of one's income that one must pay in taxes. Tax rates vary according to incomes. That is, one who makes $100,000 per year usually has a higher tax rate than one who makes $25,000. See also: Marginal tax rate, Average tax rate.
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tax rate

The proportional amount of taxes paid on a given income or the given dollar value of an asset. If the tax is calculated on the basis of total income, it is the average tax rate. If the tax is calculated only on extra units of income, the rate is the marginal tax rate.
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tax rate

the percentage rate at which a TAX is levied on income or expenditure. Tax rates are varied by government on social grounds (to redistribute income) and, as part of FISCAL POLICY, to increase or decrease spending.
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tax rate

The percentage used to calculate various taxes.

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However, in year 2 Congress enacted a rate change, effective immediately, that decreased the statutory rate to 18%.
Thus, it is necessary to distinguish between statutory rates (as set by regulations) and effective rates (rates which actually measure the tax burden borne by the taxpayer, determined as the ratio between paid taxes and achieved revenues).
"But if you reduce the statutory rate to 25 percent or some number that's globally competitive in a territorial system, then the incentive to move offshore disappears."
We believe the following major factors explain the deviation of actual returns on RAB from the statutory rates.
Given that marginal tax rates are estimated at levels often significantly below the statutory rate, firms should consider their own tax situation in gauging the real cost of a switch from LIFO.
His testimony before Congress was critical during the successful fight in the mid-1970s to change the statutory rate for mechanical licenses from 2 cents a song per copy, which had been in effect since 1909.
This case points out for CPAs the split in the circuits about fees in excess of the statutory rate as well as the special rules for qualified offers.
The payee is incorporated in a treaty country and the treaty rate is 10 percent, compared with the statutory rate of 30 percent.
If the alternative interest rate selected to replace the current statutory rate immediately results in a higher interest rate level, which is likely, it would generally lower participant lump-sum amounts, lower minimum employer funding requirements, and reduce PBGC premium revenue.
Most minimum wage legislation involved specific increases in the statutory rate, but as is so often is the case, the exceptions are interesting.
After November 30, the balance due will bear interest at the statutory rate of 13.75 percent, making Vencor's monthly payment about $2 million.
This would assist in preventing bankruptcy filers from forcing cities and towns to receive lower interest of property taxes and would fix the so called "cram down" of interest rates applied to unpaid ad valorem taxes by applying the state and local statutory rate instead of the I.R.S.

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