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Coke's report on Chudleigh's Case was not published until 1600, but we know that in 1592 Coke gave an extended series of lectures on the Statute of Uses at the Inner Temple.
The means in "meanes blesse" can thus refer not only to mere wealth, but also to the legal devices that the Statute of Uses and Coke in his ruling on Chudleigh's Case had tried to extirpate.
Given our sometimes romanticized views about Donne as a freethinking skeptic and intellectual flaneur, it may be difficult to accept that he could have taken an interest in the Statute of Uses, in the 1593 Parliament, and in Chudleigh's Case.
The Political Causes which Shaped the Statute of Uses.
12) Bacon, 1861b, 495, explains that the Statute of Uses was passed because Parliament foresaw "that it would be mischievous that men's lands should so suddenly, upon the payment of a little money, be conveyed from them, peradventure in an alehouse or a tavern upon strainable advantages.
Later Coke writes that the Statute of Uses was written "to overthrow the tree of uses" and "to lop the rotten and unprofitable boughs and branches dangerous to the estate of the commonwealth and mens assurances, so the rest of the tree, which is profitable for the use of men, might the better prosper": ibid.