probability distribution

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Probability distribution

A function that describes all the values a random variable can take and the probability associated with each. Also called a probability function.
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Probability Distribution

All the possible values a random variable can take under a given set of circumstances, as well as the probability that it will take each value. A normal probability is a bell curve.
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probability distribution

The distribution of possible outcomes to an event along with the probability of each potential outcome. This statistical tool is used to measure the risk associated with events such as shooting craps, playing cards, or investing in securities.
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Statistical distributions for the harmonic mode image (up) and the images after filtering (bottom).
In Section 3, particular statistical distributions are selected as inputs in order to obtain closed-form formulae for the PDFs of interest, thus easing the computation of the model outcomes.
Specifying uncertainty as [gamma][V.sub.t], + [theta][M.sub.t], matches the even-numbered moments of a statistical distribution. The first term ([gamma][V.sub.t],) corresponds to volatility; the second term ([theta][M.sub.t]), to kurtosis.
In the following, we continue to explore the use of case-based entropy in comparing systems described by statistical distributions. However, we now go beyond our prior work in the following ways.
(4), (2), (6) generalizes our method to modes with any underlying combinations of statistical distributions.
Modeling the NSCT Transform Subband Coefficients as Statistical Distribution. We discuss the statistical models of NSCT coefficients, and, in particular, we take a closer look into the characteristic distributions which arise in some cases of natural images.
A major advantage with the model is that one can compute the exact statistical distributions of different slope variables, without relying only on simulations.
Table 2 provides further information on the ability of other statistical distributions to characterize the retentions as measured by [AIC.sub.c].
Frame sizes of H.264/MPEG4 AVC encoded video have been modelled with well-known statistical distributions. The main results have shown that the Gamma and Weibull distributions give appropriate statistical distributions of video frame sizes.
Normal or Gaussian distribution is one of the most used statistical distributions, and most statistical methods accept the hypothesis of normal distribution of data.
The change image in Bangkok area is plotted against all selected statistical distributions with optimum, narrower and wider threshold values to further improve the confidence.

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