probability distribution

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Probability distribution

A function that describes all the values a random variable can take and the probability associated with each. Also called a probability function.

Probability Distribution

All the possible values a random variable can take under a given set of circumstances, as well as the probability that it will take each value. A normal probability is a bell curve.

probability distribution

The distribution of possible outcomes to an event along with the probability of each potential outcome. This statistical tool is used to measure the risk associated with events such as shooting craps, playing cards, or investing in securities.
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t], matches the even-numbered moments of a statistical distribution.
Modeling the NSCT Transform Subband Coefficients as Statistical Distribution.
The examples show what asymmetries that can be obtained, illustrate the statistical distributions of the crest front and crest back periods, and the tilted particle orbits near asymmetric wave crests.
Experimental results have shown that the Gamma distribution is more appropriate than the Weibull distribution for modelling the statistical distribution of HEVC encoded frame.
However, as the AlCc criterion is based on a relative distance, it is useful in selecting the best statistical distribution among a set, and it is possible that all the models from the dataset will be poor in an absolute sense [30].
For those with smaller budgets there are a host of more basic solutions available, as well as the cheapest option of all - a do - it - yourself simulation macro that can be produced in Excel, where key inputs are varied, according to the whatever Excel statistical distribution appears most appropriate and the multitude of outputs recorded in a table.
Like much of the literature, DeVany does not contemplate the possibility that the observed size distribution of home runs is a mixture of many different--individual--(nonpower law) statistical distributions.
For given statistical distributions of these parameters, the probabilistic approach gives the probability of buckling as a function of anticipated maximum rail temperature.
This book is intended for students who have taken a mixture of 100 and 200 level courses in statistics, exploratory data analysis, basic descriptive data analysis, basic probability, statistical distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.
On page 88 of his text, Milevsky speaks of the random annualized growth rate of the investment portfolio and states: "There is, of course, a multitude of statistical distributions that we could select to describe the annualized growth rate g, and you might be surprised to learn that there are many different distributions that have been proposed for g over the last century of scholarly writing, during which thousands of research papers have been written on this topic.
Reference line calculations now include medians, statistical distributions and confidence levels.
Supply and demand can be described by statistical distributions, of which there are many (normal, chi-square, Gumbel, etc.

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