profit and loss statement

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Profit and Loss Statement

An annual report, and other quarterly reports, a publicly-traded company publishes giving information over a given period of time. The report contains information on the company's financial state, most notably statements on revenue, expenses, and earnings (which is the difference between the two). It is in general less detailed that a stockholder's report but contains much of the same information. A profit and loss statement goes by a number of other names, including income statement, earnings statement, earnings report, and operating statement. See also: Balance Sheet.

profit and loss statement (P&L)

profit and loss statement

A semi-itemized list of all revenues and expenses of a person or company over a stated period of time, such as one month, one quarter, or one year.The items on the list are generally broad categories, but the selection of categories is a matter of personal preference for most small businesses.As a general rule,one should design a profit and loss statement so that it gives a snapshot of important revenue categories and the expenses associated with those particular revenues.

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3 million for the quarter ended March 31, 2009 consist of legal costs related to the Lehman bankruptcy, which is included in the securitization, impairment and other costs line of our consolidated Statements of Income.
4 million of expense related to management incentive stock options, which is included in the selling, general and administrative expenses line of our consolidated statements of income.
4 million of investigatory and audit costs related to the restatement of our financial statements which are included in the selling, general and administrative expense line of our consolidated statements of income (loss) and $0.
The consolidated statements of income, consolidated balance sheets, and corrected consolidated statements of cash flows are attached.
2 million of costs associated with the inventory step-up to fair market value recorded at the CLD Acquisition date, which are included in the cost of sales line of our Consolidated Statements of Income (Loss), a $1.
A copy of the Company's unaudited balance sheet, statements of income, and statements of cash flows as of and for the first quarter ending March 31, 2006 is posted at www.
The restatements will not affect the firm's Consolidated statements of income, Consolidated balance sheets or Consolidated statements of changes in stockholders' equity for any of the affected periods.
8 million of cost-of-revenue, and $658,000 of general and administrative expenses, to the Consolidated Statements of Income for the three months ended March 31, 2006.
Seminar topics range from in-depth analyses of variances between budgeted and actual statements of income, best practice details of the CFO's/Controller's integration within the organization's strategic planning team and how to create and deliver director-level presentations.
The figures for profit after tax have been determined by excluding from the Company's consolidated statements of income for the relevant years (as set out in Part III of the Admission document) non-recurring expenses, management fees payable to the shareholders, which terminated with effect from Admission, and amortization of non-tangible assets.
The company is still analyzing the appropriate amount and classifications of the tax liabilities and assets to be reflected in the consolidated balance sheets and the provision for income taxes to be reflected in the consolidated statements of income.
BEXIL CORPORATION UNAUDITED CONDENSED STATEMENTS OF INCOME Three Months Ended Nine Months Ended September 30, September 30, 2005 2004 * 2005 2004 * Revenues: Consulting fees $ 37,500 $ 24,999 $ 112,500 $ 74,997 Other 38,992 6,162 86,115 58,368 76,492 31,161 198,615 133,365 Expenses: General and administrative 166,434 152,279 499,208 535,022 Communications 4,762 6,055 13,042 23,032 Professional fees 125,665 19,763 298,403 102,728 296,861 178,097 810,653 660,782 Loss before income taxes and equity in earnings of York Insurance Services Group, Inc.
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