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A written report of an individual or company's financial or other relevant data. A prime example is the annual report that a publicly-traded company is required to distribute to shareholders. The report contains information on the company's financial state, such as operational income and net profit. Sometimes it also contains an accountant's opinion on the general health of the company. Occasionally, statements are distributed at irregular intervals to explain a major event in the company. See also: Balance sheet.


Explanations of various types of income, deductions, and/or credits reported on a schedule or directly on Form 1040. Statements may or may not be official IRS forms.
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Given these factors it is evident that both preparers and auditors of state and local government financial statements need to clearly understand how to assess materiality.
The ruling concluded that the first two taxpayers did not violate the LIFO conformity requirements in their statements to the credit subsidiary, because they had used LIFO in inventorying goods to determine their net income for the monthly and year-to-date amounts for the December income statements.
First, there is a growing body of academic research indicating that numbers disclosed outside of the statements are in fact less reliable.
Calculating the beginning APIC pool and the ongoing tax computations required by Statement no.
The information provided in Part I will enable the IRS, for the first time, to reconcile net income from financial statements with net income for tax.
The full text of the statement and related appendices is currently available on the FASB's Web site (www.
There is no hope for a viable and evangelizing Church here until the teaching of that Statement is cancelled and replaced with the truth.
Because mission statements say, "This is who we are and what we stand for," they offer a degree of certainty in an uncertain time.
Investigators can use them to substantiate the Undeutsch Hypothesis that statements based on reality appear different from those based on imagination.
Instead, the mission statements I have in mind concretely communicate the kind of business companies need to become.
With respect to mergers involving small hospitals (fewer than 100 licensed beds), the safety zone established by the policy statement is clear and unequivocal.

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