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Cash Flow Statement

A statement every publicly-traded company must file with the SEC each quarter indicating all cash inflows and cash outflows from all sources, whether they are business activities or the company's investments. This is considered one indication among many of a company's financial health. A business activity may be reported as income if a company has agreed to a contract, even if no money has actually changed hands; a cash flow statement seeks to avoid this by showing how much cash the company has on hand. It is also called an application of funds statement.
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Fig. 19 FRS 1 cash flow statement.

cash flow statement

a statement which is included as part of a UK company's published annual report and accounts. The one used in the UK in 2002 is prepared in accordance with the provisions of FRS 1 (Financial Reporting Standard 1) . This shows where the finance came from and where it went out to during the period under review and helps to explain the movements in the cash and bank balances, as illustrated in Fig. 19. See also, FUNDS FLOW ANALYSIS, SOURCES AND USES OF FUNDS STATEMENTS.
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This includes accounting for the statement of cash flows. As a result, the sample used in this study will include the years 2006-2016 (first full year subsequent to the adoption of IFRS in the European markets to most current year available).
A statement of cash flows explains the change in cash and cash equivalents for the period of the statement.
The focus of the case is the creation of a statement of cash flows using both the direct and indirect methods of presenting the cash flow from operating activities.
prepare the statement of cash flows using the indirect method.
The remaining sections of the statement of cash flows, those concerning investing (purchase and sale of assets other than the company's products) and financing (borrowings, repayments of borrowings, investments by owners, and distribution of dividends or profits to owners) reflect what the business does with its cash coming from operations, and the sufficiency of cash to meet other functions of the company.
After calculating the leverage and current ratios and comparing them to industry averages, the next step in the process is to review the statement of cash flow. The statement of cash flow summarizes the amount of cash generated or used by a contractor over a period of time and indicates the sources and uses of cash.
This indirect statement of cash flow starts with net income and makes adjustments to reconcile net earnings to net cash provided by operating activities.
Operating Activities: This section of the statement of cash flows reports the amount of cash generated or consumed by the operations of the business over a period of time.
Interest received from the servicing of finance section of the statement of cash flow and interest income from the profit and loss statement were compared.
Corporate treasury operations have come a long way from simple disbursement and collection to become a strategic arm of management, with a finger on the pulse of one of the most telling indicators of business fundamentals--the statement of cash flow. The authors provide advice on such modern technological aids as treasury management systems.
Question: What is the significance of the "cash flow from operating activity" on my customer's Statement of Cash Flow?

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