statement of additional information

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Statement of Additional Information (SAI)

A document provided as a supplement to a mutual fund prospectus. It provides more detailed information about fund policies, operations, and risks. Also known as a Part B prospectus.

Part B Prospectus

A supplement to a mutual fund's prospectus. It contains additional information on the fund, usually on its risks and operations. Mutual funds do not provide the part B prospectus to investors automatically, as many investors do not believe they need it to make an appropriate decision on whether to buy shares in the fund. However, regulations require that a mutual fund provide a copy of its part B prospectus free of charge upon request. It is also called a statement of additional information.

statement of additional information

A document that contains detailed supplementary information for investors. The statement is available from a mutual fund at no charge but generally will not be sent unless specifically requested. Also called Part B.
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Recently, the SEC adopted a new rule, Disclosure Regarding Market Timing and Selective Disclosure of Portfolio Holdings, requiring more detailed disclosures in different parts of the fund's prospectus and statement of additional information.
The prospectus and the statement of additional information (SAI) both offer detailed information on fund expenses.
Nomination facility available, subject to applicable conditions as per the Statement of Additional Information and Scheme Information Document.
Each portfolio's Statement of Additional Information, a document that supplements the prospectus, must disclose the names of other portfolios that a manager manages, describe managers' ownership interest in the portfolio, and describe the managers' compensation structure.

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