stated value

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Stated value

A monetary worth figure that bears no relation to market value that is assigned, for accounting purposes, to stock for use instead of par value.

Stated Value

An arbitrary value a publicly-traded company assigns to its common stock on its financial statements. The stated value bears no relationship whatsoever to a stock's market value; however, in the event of liquidation it provides shareholders with some level of protection as the stated value shows that their stock does have some worth.

stated value

A value assigned to common stock by the firm's management for purposes of financial statements. Stated value, used in place of par value, is calculated on a per-share basis by dividing the stated capital resulting from a new issue of common stock by the number of new shares issued. Stated value is unrelated to the stock's market price and is of little importance to the shareholders.
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Looking at the values involved, I would like to ask Talha Ahmed (and anyone playing the race/persecution card) exactly which of the stated values they nd so objectionable.
of Mining Acquisitions stated, "I feel the Company can concentrate the Colorado feedstock for benefication of the stated values at a ratio as high as 10:1.
The matters covered in this Code are of the utmost importance to the Company, our stockholders and our business partners, and are essential to our ability to conduct our business in accordance with our stated values.