public ownership

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Public ownership

The portion of a company's stock that is held by the public.
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Public Ownership

1. The ownership of a company represented by a stock that is traded on the open market, either on a stock exchange or on the over-the-counter market. Individual and institutional shareholders each have a portion of this public ownership, in proportion to the amount of stock they own as a percentage of all outstanding stock. Thus, shareholders have final say in all decisions made by the company and its managers, especially through its annual shareholders' meeting. Public ownership allows a company to have greater access to financing than other companies, as they have the ability to issue more stock. However, these companies are subject to greater regulation: for example, they must file 10-K reports with the SEC on their earnings, and they are more likely to be subject to corporate taxes.

2. Ownership of a company by the government. Command economies have a large number of companies under public ownership, but even free market economies have some degree of government involvement in this form. Many countries have public ownership of one or more companies that produce their main exports. For example, many oil-rich states have oil companies under partial or total public ownership.
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public ownership

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It turns out that OSHA tends to target industries that are less economically important, and performs more inspections and assesses more fines in those industries with relatively low gross state industry products.
Since 1958, JEDEC has been the leading developer of standards for the solid state industry.
The Communist Party Central Committee plenum is expected to focus on how to reverse losses and improve the performance of state industry during the four-day discussion.
Just a few months before, the reform process - involving billions of International Monetary Fund dollars and countless hours of Harvard consultants' time - seemed to be going well: The bulk of state industry inherited from the Soviet Union had been privatized; inflation had been conquered; the ruble had been stabilized.
Because the National Aeronautical and Space Administration's budget is down, aerospace is the one state industry that is hurting.
The information on gold reserves on the Kumtor gold deposit was provided by Chairman of the State Industry, Energy and Mining Committee Emil Osmonbetov during the briefing on the strategic agreement between the Kyrgyz government and the Centerra Gold Inc.
The survival and evolution of the control state industry depends on sharing ideas and strategies, so that states separated by thousands of miles can borrow successful solutions from each other and apply them to their problems and weaknesses at home.
Such initiatives included privatisation of state industry, the abolition of business tax, a leaner public sector, the slashing of personal taxes and the abolition of price controls that paralyse markets.
" So far MRPL and IOC have shown Expression of Interest in buying HPL shares," state industry minister Partha Chatterjee told M AIL T ODAY .
Thirteen projects are in progress in the energy sector of Kyrgyzstan now, according to the State Industry, Energy and Mining Committee.

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