government debt

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Government Debt

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government debt

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Information on the return by each organization of the funds paid by the Fund for Ensuring State Debt Liabilities and Guarantees shows that in 2019-2024, the state budget will receive funds in the amount of 2,960.8 million manats, Gulmammadov said.
It added in a bulletin the nominal value of the state debt surged by 41.3 billion euros (USD 46.8 billion) in January against a month earlier to exceed 2.358 trillion euros (USD 2.67 billion).
'Guan Eng himself stated to the press that the BN central government assisted Penang in reducing its state debt by 95 per cent.
She has worked with the treasurer to produce a system of month-to-month fund sharing that results in saving the state millions in repayments on state debt. She has led major, meaningful taxpayer-oriented measures that save money, improve government accountability and promote transparency - and done so with unequivocally bipartisan cooperation.
Italian banks hold EUR387bn of state debt and face automatic mark-to-market losses as their portfolios are losing value.
In contrast, Brazilian state debt grew more quickly during its World Cup and just after.
When it comes to total state debt, the Federation of BiH's share is 52.28%, Republika Srpska 46.71%, BrAko District 0.36%, and the BiH institutions' share is 0.65%.
The size of Tajikistan's state debt as of the beginning of this year reached $3,670,000,000, which is 51.4% of the country's GDP, Asia-Plus reported.
In the National Assembly today, as an additional point during parliamentary control, MPs will discuss the state debt of the country,AaAeAeA BGNES reporte
The Ministry of Finance published the statistics about Macedonia's debt, according to which at the end of the third quarter of this year the state debt was 41.9 and the public debt was 50.6 percent of GDP.
According to the official data of the Ministry of Finance, in March the state debt was 3.5 billion euro, or 38% of GDP.
June 8 (SeeNews) - Belgium is considering selling corporate shareholdings to reduce state debt and has selected investment banks Leonardo and Nomura (TYO:8604) to conduct a financial-strategic analysis, local daily De Tijd reported on Friday.

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