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The separate company for civil activities alone is liable to repay the illegal State aid and is due to be liquidated.
As discussed below, while one cannot consider the use of state aid in a tax context unprecedented, there is no doubt the last two or three years have seen a relatively new phenomenon of EU-wide targeting of seemingly routine tax rulings and APAs.
In essence, the arguments raised in order to justify this state aid could apply to any other large-scale power project as well.
Ms Caiach added that the council's chief executive Mark James had assured her that a legal opinion existed from 2007 explaining why Carmarthenshire County Council was exempt from EU state aid law in this regard, but that he had so far not supplied her with details of it.
Are cities and towns, then, supposed to take comfort in the knowledge that the Legislature gave more state aid to schools?
The Commission also concluded that the working capital facility and the guarantee arrangements provided by HMTreasury to Bradford & Bingley constitute state aid.
The "Second Survey" expresses the belief that "greater efforts should be made to increase transparency in the field of state aids and that the results be used as a basis to adapting state aid policy.
The program rating is based on the ability of Missouri school districts to apply for direct deposit of monthly state aid payments to a trustee to pay debt service, the program's requirement for debt service coverage of at least 1.
The investigation found that the planned cancellation of these debts, amounting to BGN 224 million (around 114 million), is in line with the Commission's 2008 Guidelines on state aid for railways.
A group of nineteen countries, including Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy and Belgium, spoke against inter alia obligatory annual reports and central register of state aid that, in their view, would add "new administrative burdens" to state aid implementation procedures, making them "more complex" and "less effective".
As lawyers with the Santa Maria law firm in Italy, the editor and his collaborating colleagues have been called upon to defend many of the major cases purported by the European Commission to be state aid that have been filed against Italy.
Earlier, on 21 May, the Commission published its report on state aid in the coal sector (see other article).

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