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The earliest stage of a new business venture.

Start-Up Company

A company in its earliest stage of development, usually before its IPO. Start-up companies concentrate on product development and build-up of capitalization. Nearly all start-up companies operate at a loss, at least at first. Some start-ups go through a period where they have no revenue at all. Start-ups spend their time perfecting their business plans and developing products that will eventually be sold on the open market. Most start-ups rely on venture capital or loans to continue operations during this phase. See also: Payout period, Dot-com bubble.


While any new company could be considered a start-up, the description is usually applied to aggressive young companies that are actively courting private financing from venture capitalists, including wealthy individuals and private equity partnerships. In many cases, the start-ups plan to use the cash infusion to prepare for an initial public offering (IPO).

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Summary: 33 start-ups from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait to compete in pitch competition
About 60% of Pakistan's youth is below 30 years of age so start-up exhibitions like Momentum are necessary to create jobs, she said.
Speaking on the ecosystem partnership, Bala Girisaballa, Managing Director, Microsoft Accelerator, said, Start-ups are the centers of innovation, and over the past decade they have played a crucial role in disrupting many industries worldwide.
Although 72 per cent of all start-ups spend less than $50,000 on IT annually, 24 per cent dedicate more than 20 per cent of that annual budget to cloud solutions.
Among the start-ups that have not yet adopted cloud solutions, 42 percent find the initial investment prohibitively high.
The Bank also launched its Axis Start-up Banking product earlier this year, which is bundled with all key technology-enabled products and caters comprehensively to banking needs of start-ups.
50 start-ups to Watch are those who have not yet received big-ticket funding but are looking promising for the future.
But, our ability to lend to these start-ups was minuscule as we are an educational institute.
Another indispensable component of entrepreneurship is the process of making connections, so to help start-ups expand their networks the HKTDC is working with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups to co-organise the Start-up Mixer.
Strategic investors sometimes invest in start-up companies to enter into commercial relationships with those companies, for instance, a license to a start-up's technology or a right to distribute a start-up's products.
The number of start-ups in India and China were 10,000 each.
The report titled 'Tech Start-up In India: A Bright Future', states that there is increased traction in Indian start-ups in the IoT, augmented reality and smart hardware space.