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The earliest stage of a new business venture.

Start-Up Company

A company in its earliest stage of development, usually before its IPO. Start-up companies concentrate on product development and build-up of capitalization. Nearly all start-up companies operate at a loss, at least at first. Some start-ups go through a period where they have no revenue at all. Start-ups spend their time perfecting their business plans and developing products that will eventually be sold on the open market. Most start-ups rely on venture capital or loans to continue operations during this phase. See also: Payout period, Dot-com bubble.


While any new company could be considered a start-up, the description is usually applied to aggressive young companies that are actively courting private financing from venture capitalists, including wealthy individuals and private equity partnerships. In many cases, the start-ups plan to use the cash infusion to prepare for an initial public offering (IPO).

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We will wholeheartedly support this programme, hoping that start-ups that are relevant to our business will emerge from it, Damen CEO Rene Berkvens comments.
The partnership aims at catalysing the growth of eligible start-ups and launching them beyond their respective home markets.
start-ups that are less than five years old, privately held, and earning less
The program allows start-ups to get the same level of service of other employers.
Each start-up business receives seed capital, world-class presenters, mentors and investors, offices and living space in return for 6-10% equity stake in the company.
The Start-up Internship and Placement Program, is one such initiative that up-holds HelloIntern's motto of being the apt platform for talented interns to find out the right organization.
Unfortunately, however, it remains rare to see start-ups founded by women.
The five pitching start-ups will win a free pass to Thinking Digital, while the overall winner will get an as-yet-unknown prize.
SWANSEA has the highest rate of business start-ups of any town or city in Wales according to a survey by the Royal Mail.
Glasgow had the largest number of start-ups at 1705, but that was down from 2310 in 2008, a fall of 25 per cent.
Among other local authority areas, Calderdale increased the number of start-ups from 1,500 to 2,000 while Doncaster lifted the total from 1,400 to 2,200.
Subsequently, the start-up may need to perform toxicology studies in animal and/or bridging studies in humans to show the material made in the redesigned process is comparable with the previous material, depending on the required and performed changes.