standby fee

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Standby fee

Amount paid to an underwriter who agrees to purchase any stock that is not purchased by public investors in a rights offering.

Standby Fee

A fee paid to an underwriter in exchange for an agreement that the underwriter will purchase the remainder of a new issue that it does not place with investors. See also: Jointly and Severally.

standby fee

The fee paid to an underwriter that agrees to purchase unsold securities as part of a standby underwriting agreement.

standby fee

A fee charged for a standby commitment.
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The revised borrowing base incorporates a redetermination based on the syndicate's review of the current estimated value of the Company's proved reserves under the syndicate's pricing assumptions, and is anticipated to result in lower standby fees charged on unutilized amounts available under the Credit Facility.
They will also waive standby fees for affected students who are not preregistered when they arrive at a test site.
CLF is working to foster fairness in both net metering programs and standby fees.
Only standby fees - charged when ambulances are stationed at athletic or other special events - will deviate from the percentage.
The move - scheduled to take effect next month - is expected to force other airlines to remove their standby fees.
Standby fees and utilization costs associated with lines of credit should also be examined.
25 million and a corresponding reduction in standby fees payable by AirIQ to its lender.
The current rate under the revised facility has been reduced to LIBOR plus 125 bps with standby fees of 15 bps applying to the undrawn commitment.
As consideration to the subsidiary of Ariadne for interest, standby fees and bonus amounts they will receive common shares of SunBlush at an issue price of CDN $0.
When compared to the previous revolving credit facility, the key terms of the Facility, including standby fees, pricing and covenants, are more favourable to New Gold.
4 million of standby fees in 1998 and expects to receive a minimum of $0.
The Revolving Loan is subject to the same interest and standby fees as the Company's previous revolving credit agreement announced on January 12, 2012.