standby fee

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Standby fee

Amount paid to an underwriter who agrees to purchase any stock that is not purchased by public investors in a rights offering.

Standby Fee

A fee paid to an underwriter in exchange for an agreement that the underwriter will purchase the remainder of a new issue that it does not place with investors. See also: Jointly and Severally.

standby fee

The fee paid to an underwriter that agrees to purchase unsold securities as part of a standby underwriting agreement.

standby fee

A fee charged for a standby commitment.
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Prime Rate Loans from prime plus 0.45% - 1.00% to 0.25% - 1.00%; LIBOR Loans, Bankers' Acceptances and Letters of Credit from the applicate rate plus 1.45% - 2.00% to 1.25% - 2.00% and Standby Fees from a range of 0.29% - 0.40% to 0.25% - 0.40%.
Mr Justice Teare has ruled that Tullow was not entitled to terminate its West Leo rig contract with Seadrill on 4 December 2016 by invoking the contracts force majeure provisions and as such requires Tullow to pay Seadrill a contractual termination fee and other standby fees that accrued in the 60 days prior to termination of the contract.
Additionally, the new credit facilities reduces the interest rate and the standby fees, mature on 26 June 2020 as well as being repaid in quarterly installments of 2.5% of the initial principal amount, with a balloon payment due upon maturity.
A $5,000 natural gas hookup would have standby fees that alone exceed the cost of propane (which is more payback that is not possible at 3 ach in a windy location).
They will also waive standby fees for affected students who are not preregistered when they arrive at a test site.
A few national airlines have standby fees. Delta's fees vary from $50 to $150 depending on mileage.
CLF is working to foster fairness in both net metering programs and standby fees.
Only standby fees - charged when ambulances are stationed at athletic or other special events - will deviate from the percentage.
Recently bankrupted carrier, United Airlines has announced plans to eliminate an unpopular USD100 standby fee. The move - scheduled to take effect next month - is expected to force other airlines to remove their standby fees.
Standby fees and utilization costs associated with lines of credit should also be examined.
The reduced commitment amount will result in lower standby fees on unutilized amounts available under the Credit Facility.
The company said the current rate under the revised facility has been reduced to LIBOR plus 125 bps with standby fees of 15 bps applying to the undrawn commitment.