Standardized value

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Standardized value

Also called the normal deviate, the distance of one data point from the mean, divided by the standard deviation of the distribution.

Standardized Value

The distance of a data point from the average value of the data set divided by the standard deviation. The standardized value helps minimize some of the statistical noise in individual data points.
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the same film coefficients), and appear as standardized values in the ASHRAE Handbook--Fundamentals.
Table 2 shows a large difference between the "initial" as-tested and standardized values and between the area-weighting method and the CTS method.
The standardized result using the CTS method shows a large variance between the as-tested and standardized values and a significant difference between the area-weighting method and the CTS method.
Each company in the List is assigned a growth score based on globally standardized values for each of the four variables.
Early in the novel, Claudia refuses the idealization of girlhood or motherhood through the culture of dolls, and resists the indoctrination of white standardized values.
A Estimated Standardized Values of Satisfaction For Selected Standardized Values of Stress
To illustrate the effects of Stress on Satisfaction, representative standardized values from the substantial range of Stress were substituted into Equation 1.
By converting all quality indicator values to a standard normal value and treating all 10 indicators of equal importance, all 10 standardized values can be added together.
The basic equation would not change under conditions of other than a normal distribution, except that it would need to be expressed mathematically in its proper non-Gaussian standardized value for each indicator used.
With this addition to Biosite's 'gold standard' BNP product line, a customer can perform BNP testing using either our rapid, portable Triage MeterPlus system or any of Beckman Coulter's automated immunoassay testing platforms, and expect standardized values," said Kim Blickenstaff, Biosite president and chief executive officer.
By recognizing millions of permutations in data and producing standardized values that eliminate duplicate and inconsistent information, Content+ produces highly structured and normalized data elements.

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