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Standard & Poor's

A financial services company that offers many different types of products. It is perhaps best known for the S&P 500 American stock index and other indices in four different countries. It also serves as a credit ratings agency and a research firm. It is one of only 10 firms the SEC recognizes as a credit rating agency, though, like other CRAs, its methods have been subject to criticism. However, its research branch, Capital IQ, is one of the most active in the world, publishing information on firms and markets globally. Since 1966, it has been owned by McGraw-Hill Companies.
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Standard & Poor's (S&P).

Standard & Poor's is a private, independent source of financial market intelligence for investors and other market participants.

Its products include indexes, risk evaluation, investment research and data, and credit ratings on public companies, financial institutions, insurance firms, sovereign nations, municipal and state governments, and many non-profit organizations such as hospitals and universities.

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Some in the second and third tiers of bank mad company management still criticize openly the "display of colonial attitudes of raters" and their unwillingness to take into account the special characteristics in European accounting, disclosure, and management practices." So it doesn't come as a surprise that in the case of Standard and Poor's, relations with corporate and banking clients in Germany have deteriorated so much that the agency found it necessary to host a goodwill dinner to mend soured relations with Europe's largest financial sector.

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