standby fee

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Standby fee

Amount paid to an underwriter who agrees to purchase any stock that is not purchased by public investors in a rights offering.

Standby Fee

A fee paid to an underwriter in exchange for an agreement that the underwriter will purchase the remainder of a new issue that it does not place with investors. See also: Jointly and Severally.

standby fee

The fee paid to an underwriter that agrees to purchase unsold securities as part of a standby underwriting agreement.

standby fee

A fee charged for a standby commitment.
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The Company is not required to sell any of the reserved shares at any time during the term of the CEO, which extends until October 16, 2011, and there are no stand-by fees for having established the arrangement.
Many IT-providers only offer unyielding conditions with stand-by fees for cloud service providers, while cloud service providers could be taking advantage of HOB RD VPN from HOB Inc.
As such, there is no need to incur stand-by fees on a higher facility.