stamp duty

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Stamp duty

Applies mainly to international equities. Taxes on foreign transactions, usually a percentage of total transaction amount, that can be unilateral or bilateral in nature.

Stamp Duty

A tax placed on legal documents upon transfer. For example, a stamp duty may be assessed on the deed to a house when it is sold before the deed can pass from the seller to the buyer. The term comes from the fact that governments used to place physical stamps on the legal documents as proof that the duty had been paid, but this practice is fairly uncommon now. Stamp duties are most common in some Commonwealth of Nations countries, such as Singapore and Australia, as well as in some U.S. states.

stamp duty

a UK TAX on the value of SHARES purchased on the STOCK MARKET.

stamp duty

a TAX levied on the purchase of an ASSET, such as a house or stocks and shares, etc., usually as a percentage of the purchase price. Currently (2005), for example, houses in the price range up to £120,000 are exempt from stamp duty; houses valued at between £120,000 and £249,000 incur stamp duty at 1%; between £250,000 and £499,000 the charge is 3%, and for properties over £500,000 stamp duty is levied at 4%. The rate for stocks and shares is 0.5% on the total value of the purchase. Stamp duty is usually used by the government to raise revenue, but occasionally it is used as a tool of FISCAL POLICY to, for example, dampen down the demand for houses.
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2] Acquisition-related costs include transaction advisory fees, UK stamp taxes, and the impact of the Cadbury inventory revaluation.
The guarantee fund benefits from limited ongoing state support through legislation that allows for drawing on a portion of future documentary stamp taxes allocated to the SHTF.
Val Culley, ACCA spokesperson for the West Midlands, said: 'Any purchaser of property must deliver a Land Transaction Return to the Inland Revenue Stamp Taxes Office within 30 days after the date of the transaction.
However, the language "for all purposes" negates the Department of Revenue's ability to collect documentary stamp taxes on these transfers.
This would apply to income, sales, and stamp taxes.
Yesterday, the Florida Senate voted 34-5 in favor of a growth management plan that would allow cities to raise documentary stamp taxes paid on the deed by up to 50 cents per $100 of value on all real estate transactions.
Egypt's Finance Minister Al-Morsi Hegazy stated that the government had also placed "1/1000″ stamp taxes on daily stock market exchanges, in conjunction with a new tax on coupon dividends, a waiver of bonus shares, and the preservation of its tax on mergers and divestitures.
Sadowski Act, which set aside a portion of documentary stamp taxes as a dedicated revenue source for workforce housing, for its intended purpose -- helping Florida's citizens become homeowners.
Florida has levied documentary stamp taxes for more than 70 years and has issued land acquisition bonds of several types since 1964.
In October 2012, the Agency received a motion against the country's three largest mobile service providers, Mobinil, Etisalat and Vodafone, for their coordinated imposition of stamp taxes on card users in January of 2012.
Documentary stamp taxes on home sales generate millions of dollars, providing more than $250 million annually for affordable housing programs in Florida.
237 billion from stamp taxes, and LE 300 million from taxes on private businesses.