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The action undertakes a country when it buys and sells its own currency to protect its exchange value.
Actions registered competitive traders undertake by on the NYSE to meet the exchange requirement that 75% of their traded be stabilizing, meaning that sell orders follow a plus tick and buy orders a tick.
Actions a managing underwriter undertake so that the market price does not fall below the public offering price during the offering period

Price Stabilization

The ultimate goal of the steps a central bank takes to reduce inflation. That is, when prices are rising rapidly, the central bank may reduce the amount of money in circulation and/or raise interest rates to bring down the rate at which prices are rising. Price stabilization does not bring prices down to their former levels, but it does reduce the rate at which they rise to a more sustainable level. While this is popular in theory, it is important to note that Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker caused a recession in the early 1980s when he raised interest rates to 18% to achieve price stabilization.
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The digital regulation system uses the fluxgate input signals (up to two signals can be used for stabilization, with individually selectable weighting factors) which are sampled at about 50 kHz and filtered with a simple low-pass filter at about 240 Hz.
Simpirica Spine was founded in 2006 to develop minimally invasive, flexion-restricting stabilization devices for the spine.
Unlike other HALS products, it can be used together with thioester antioxidants for maximum stabilization of PP.
The Stabilization Trust is delighted to be working with Saxon on this important campaign to save neighborhoods across America," said Craig Nickerson, President of the National Community Stabilization Trust.
Task 7 - miedzywyrostkowa dynamic stabilization of the lumbar
At the same time, stabilization provided thermal stability far beyond that of the base material (Fig.
headquartered in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, is developing the Stabilimax Dynamic Spine Stabilization System, a posterior dynamic stabilization device designed to support an injured or degenerated spine without eliminating motion.
The main design for stabilization of the landslide has to be prepared in accordance with the concept and recommendations given in the elaborate on the landslide survey and should contain:
The alleged public information officer insisted the state does not impose a fee, saying "There is no fee to register your apartment, that's the Rent Stabilization Association, you call them.
Company manufactures a complete line of age resistors designed for high-temperature applications, stabilization, resistance to weather and high ozone levels, and overall protection.
Enabling a motion preserving device to shorten and lengthen -- frequently referred to as interpedicular travel -- is a key feature of clinically viable dynamic stabilization devices and springs are one of the best ways to enable interpedicular travel.
TASK 7 - Stabilization of the lumbar interbody polygonal plugs, rotary,

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