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Everybody was shortly in motion for tea, and they must squeeze out like the rest.
Lastly, the premiums seen in squeeze outs are not significantly different from those encountered in tender offers.
Merger arbitrage (announced and pre-announced); -- Non-distressed corporate restructurings (government divestitures, spin-offs, squeeze outs, litigation); and -- Distressed situations
It does, however, assure that all of the Company's shareholders receive fair and equal treatment in the event of any proposed takeover of the Company and guards against partial tender offers, squeeze outs, open market accumulations, and other abusive tactics that are designed to gain control of Rocky without paying all shareholders a control premium.
The Plan is designed to ensure the fair treatment of shareholders in connection with any potential takeover of the Company and to guard against partial tender offers, open market accumulations, squeeze outs and other abusive tactics to gain control of the Company.