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Any claim by a non legal owner to "squatters rights" in an attempt to oust the registered legal owner on grounds of long-term possession by the squatter, will now have to go through a new application process.
Retailers should be on their guard against fly-by-night traders claiming what amounts to "squatters rights" in empty shop premises, warn Warwickshire solicitors Lodders.
BISHOP Pat Buckley has launched a High Court bid for "squatters rights" to the home he has lived in since his suspension from the priesthood, it emerged yesterday.
But now Harry, 68, is sitting on a fortune as big as a Lotto jackpot win - thanks to squatters rights.
Mr Perons said changes to squatters rights in the 2003 Land Registration Act make it essential for farmers and other landowners to register.
The A-list actress thought she had located a haven for her family and burst into tears when told that the furry vermin had taken up squatters rights there.
When asked whether he had considered 'squatters rights' he said: "I did seek legal advice but I'm not that kind of guy.