Spread strategy

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Spread strategy

A strategy that involves a position in one or more options so that the cost of buying an option is funded entirely or in part by selling another option in the same underlying. Also called spreading.
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Spread Strategy

Any of several investment strategies that involve maintaining different positions on options or futures with the same underlying asset, often with different expiration dates. Spreading may take many different forms, and is designed to hedge against loss regardless of price movements on the underlying asset.
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Gains are locked in annually through multiple interest-crediting strategies, including both capped and spread strategies, allowing individuals to diversify and maximize their tax-deferred accumulation.
Spread traders should also be able to trade and manage inter- and intra-exchange spread strategies for TurkDEX products via CQG Spreader, a low-latency spreader product.
Option spread strategies; trading up, down, and sideways markets.

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