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According to IDC, the service providers currently in the space provide either contract management services or spot transaction services, the latter being more prevalent.
A spot transaction of $ 1,000 million settled on July 18.
ICBC obtained the qualification as a market maker of the first RMB-KRW direct trading and concluded the first yuan-won spot transaction upon market opening.
ICBC, designated as one of the first market markers, conducted the first RMB-ZAR spot transaction upon market opening.
ICBC successfully obtained the market-making qualification for direct RMB-CHF trading on the interbank foreign exchange market, becoming one of first permitted to do so, and completed the first RMB-CHF spot transaction soon after the opening of the market.
the global interconnection and data center company, today announced that LMAX Exchange, the first Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated MTF for foreign exchange spot transaction, has launched a matching engine in Equinix s International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Tokyo (TY3).
4 million shares, done in 3,112 spot transactions, valued at KD 10.
With the support of QIB experts, businesses have access to competitive foreign exchange services whether for spot transactions, swaps, or forward options.
For years now, turnover from spot transactions on the interbank market has been in decline.
In 2010 alone, the rupee's spot transactions have reached US$30 billion, which is 40% of total forex transactions done in India for the same year.