Spot price

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Spot price

The current market price of the actual physical commodity. Also called cash price. Current delivery price of a commodity traded in the spot market, in which goods are sold for cash and delivered immediately. Antithesis of futures price.

Cash Price

On an exchange, the price of a security or commodity at the present moment. If one buys or sells a security or commodity, one pays the cash price. The cash price contrasts with the futures price. It is also called the current price and the spot price. See also: Spot rate.

spot price

Spot price.

The spot, or cash, price is the price of commodities and foreign currencies that are being sold for immediate delivery with payment in cash.

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We show it is theoretically possible for the forward exchange rates to be unbiased estimators of future corresponding spot rates for forward market buyers of currency i but not for both sellers and buyers.
If it is not a section 988 transaction, related items of income, gain, deduction, or loss are translated into the Section 987 QBU's functional currency at the spot rate on the day the item is properly taken into account under U.
This compares with a sale at the spot rate at the end of December of 1,647,273 [pounds sterling], assuming the forward rate quoted in September holds as the spot rate in December.
Exhibit 1 provides a summary of spot rates, forward rates, valuations, gains and losses, and discount amortizations over the contract period.
In an efficient market forward exchange rate is the sum of the expected future spot rates plus the risk premium (Byers & Peel, 1991).
Forward Foreign Exchange Rates, Expected Spot Rates and Premia: A Signal Extraction Approach.
Thus far, however, it remains open whether intervention in the forward market can contribute to the stability of the spot rate in such a general setting.
The KCA spot rates were firm at weekend level at Rs7,400 per maund.
10) The mandatory "flipping" in and out of DASTM (coupled with the use of the spot rate under Treas.
KARACHI -- Karachi Cotton Association (KCA) on Monday announced the following KCA Spot Rates for local dealing in Pak rupees for base grade 3 (three) staple length 1-1/16' Micronaire value between 3.
A leading ginner Mian Mahmood Ahmed complained that the Karachi Cotton Association (KCA) spot rates never reflected correct rates and created distortion in the market.