cash price

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Cash price

Applies to derivative products. See: Spot price.

Cash Price

On an exchange, the price of a security or commodity at the present moment. If one buys or sells a security or commodity, one pays the cash price. The cash price contrasts with the futures price. It is also called the current price and the spot price. See also: Spot rate.

cash price

A price quotation in a cash market. In securities trading, a cash price distinguishes a transaction as being other than a regular five-day delivery, a difference that may be sought for tax or dividend reasons. In commodities trading, a cash price implies immediate or nearly immediate delivery as opposed to settlement in a specified future month. Also called spot price.
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For Denmark, Munksgaard and Morthorst (2008) conclude that if there is little or no wind (<400MW), prices can increase up to around 80 [euro]/MWh (600 DKK/MWh), whilst with strong wind (>1500MW) spot prices can be brought down to around 34 [euro]/MWh (250 DKK/MWh).
and the true average spot price as provided by the regulation, the
The company revealed that the specimen gold from the Ruby Mine was sold at prices up to 50% above the spot price of gold on the date of sale.
At the end of March, Asian spot prices were running around $15.
Figure 16 demonstrates that the market expects the UK NBP spot price to remain relatively low, reflecting poor demand on the back of the eurozone crisis.
A few years later, spot prices exploded and the experiment cost California ratepayers billions of dollars.
But Chinese mills have "form" when it comes to defaulting on contracts, with many turning away contracted shipments when spot prices plunged at the end of 2008.
According to a recent report from BofA Merrill Lynch Global Commodity Research, spot prices to ease to an average of US$120/t in 3Q and FOB prices to average US$111/t for Australia and US$103/t for Brazil.
The company chief executive officer, James T Huffman, said, 'An asset write-down is required if the net book value of the company's oil and gas properties exceeds a ceiling which is based primarily on reserves valued at spot prices on the last day of a quarter.
Our model includes volatility in the future spot prices of electricity and gas and allows for the fact that generators' decisions to release fuel from storage cannot be immediately reversed.
5 cents, to 47 cents/lb, and July saw much lower spot prices for the first time in a long time.
the aggregated cumulative pass-through is consistent with the corresponding volume-weighted, composite, regional/sub regional pass-through as spot prices change.